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Every Täkt Saddle will be personally fitted to horse and rider, with very careful attention being given to the correct tree size and proper seat selection. Additionally, personalization also applies to adjusting twist widths; flap lengths and forward placement; block design, placement, widths and lengths; and, changing gusset depths as needed.​

Every Täkt Saddle may be personalized with a variety of leather types and combinations. You may also add nubuck to the seat and/or blocks; and, dabble in some exotic leathers and synthetic textiles.

Get creative and accent your beautiful saddle with a contrasting stitching or welt color; or, style your Täkt saddle with patent leather at the front or rear facing, rear panels, stirrup keepers, welting or cantle. Finally, if you are one for "bling", add some Swarovski Crystals or Swarovski Stardust at the cantle or on the stirrup keepers - have fun personalizing your special saddle.

Täkt Personalization and Design Options

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All Täkt Saddles may be Bespoke

Dressage Flap Options
Standard • Short (-1") • Long (+1") • Special

Jumping Flap Options
Standard • Forward (+.75") • Extra Forward (+1.5") • Special

Dressage and Jumping Twist Options
Standard • Narrow • Wide

Gusset Options
Front: Three-Quarter • Full
Rear: Standard • Shallow • Deep

Panel Shape Options
Standard • Short Leg • Drop ("K") Panel

Dressage Billet Options
Standard • 2 Billets • 3 Billets • Special

Jumping Billet Options
V-Strap • Three Billets

Leather, Patent and Exotics subject to availability • Please see PRICE SHEET for additional charges
Due to nature of materials, colors and textures may vary