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Azür Collection

TSD - 17

Starting at $4,895

The Täkt TSD-17 is a favorite of the adult amateur rider with its narrow twist and moderately open seat. Riders will find the seat remarkably soft and comfortable.


The TSD-17 puts the rider in an upright, balanced position allowing for a supple lower back that moves easily with the horse. Professionals and upper-level riders will appreciate the close contact and roomier feel of the TSD-17.


Riders with less open hip joints will have an improved and very comfortable riding position. The specially designed tree will offer a very comfortable fit for many horses. 


This saddle offers ample clearance of the withers and allows free movement of the horse’s shoulder and spine. The TSD-17 includes a pre-molded pad with a large block to aid the rider in maintaining proper leg position. 

A beautiful saddle of the highest quality, the TSD-17 is the choice for the classical dressage rider.

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