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Azür Collection

TSD - 43

Dual Flap

Starting at $5,095

Single Flap

Starting at $5,495

The Täkt TSD-43 is the ideal saddle for riders that spend a lot of time in the saddle or who have several horses to ride. It offers a “roomier” feel while still offering the benefits of a deep seat. This saddle is designed to accommodate many horse and rider combinations and has a very comfortable seat with a medium twist. Riders have commented that the TSD-43 improves leg and body position and that the tree design allows for forward, free movement in their horses.


The V-Girthing system eliminates bulk under the rider’s leg and minimizes movement. For added flexibility, the TSD-43 includes a pre-moulded pad with a Velcro block fitted to the panel underneath, thus allowing the rider to alter the block position. Several block designs are also available offering the rider additional customization options.  


Although many horses will benefit from the fit of the TSD-43, this saddle is particularly well suited to the flatter backed horse. The TSD-43 has proven very beneficial to Iberian horses.


Täkt's popular TSD-43 now offers the Option for a TSD-43 PRO. The PRO ride has a luxuriously padded seat and provides a forward-balance feeling; two elements strongly desired by dressage professionals and requested by our clients.

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