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Täkt Saddlery Inc.







5 Year Limited Tree Warranty*

2 Year Limited Warranty

on Workmanship and Materials

Warranty excludes damage due to neglect, misuse, mistreatment, and normal wear and tear.

*Applies to Saddles purchased from 4.1.20 onward. All Saddles purchased 3.31.20 and before carry a 2 Year Limited Tree Warranty


As saddle storage environments are varied and a horse's shape is affected by riding activity/inactivity, Täkt recommends regular assessment and management of saddle fit for optimal performance.

Täkt Saddlery, Inc.

Loaner Saddle™ Program


Terms and Conditions: 

The Täkt Loaner Saddle™ Program terms are as follows: 

  1. Seller may allow Buyer to use a Täkt Loaner Saddle™ while Buyer’s Bespoke Saddle is on order;

  2. Loaner Saddle™ shall be returned to the Seller in the same condition as when delivered, less normal wear and tear;

  3. Buyer shall pay Seller for all damage to or loss of the Loaner Saddle™;

  4. Buyer is liable for the full retail value of the Loaner Saddle™.

  5. No promise of specific model, seat size or tree size is made, either expressed or implied, with regards to Loaner Saddle™.

  6. Shipping Charges May Apply.


If Buyer fails to return the Loaner Saddle™ to Seller, fails to pay for all damage to or loss of the Loaner Saddle™, or fails to take delivery of the Bespoke Saddle within 30 days after notice of order fulfillment, the Buyer will be deemed to have purchased the Loaner Saddle™ in lieu of the Bespoke Saddle and the Bespoke Saddle will remain the property of Täkt Saddlery, Incorporated.  All of Buyer’s funds used to pay for the Bespoke Saddle will be considered collateral for the Loaner Saddle™. 


Täkt Saddlery, Inc.

Trial Saddle Policy


Terms and Conditions:  

  1. Täkt Saddlery, Inc., offers Buyer a five-day trial period on saddles, which begins the day after Buyer receives saddle.

  2. Only one (1) saddle at a time will be allowed out on trial to Buyer.

  3. Full payment of saddle, plus applicable taxes, is required for all trials.

  4. Buyer must notify Seller withinthe five-day trial period with one of the following four decisions:  Buyer is purchasing the Täkt trial saddle; Buyer is purchasing Bespoke Täkt saddle and converting trial saddle to Loaner Saddle™ (see Täkt’s Loaner Saddle Program); Buyer is purchasing Bespoke Täkt saddle and returning trial saddle to Seller (not keeping as Loaner Saddle™); Buyer is not purchasing a Täkt saddle and is returning trial saddle to Seller.

  5. If Täkt Saddlery and/or their Sales Representatives are not notified of Buyer’s decision withinthe five-day trial, on the sixth day, the trial saddle will be considered purchased by Buyer. This sale will be deemed complete and final. No Exceptions.

  6. All Buyer trial saddles not being purchased or converted to Loaner Saddles™ (see above) MUST be shipped back to Täkt Saddlery immediately following the five-day trial. Return Shipping cost is $75.00 and will be at the Buyer’s expense. This will be deducted from any applicable refunds due Buyer. Täkt Saddlery will provide Buyer with a return shipping label. Additional items shipped with Buyer’s saddle (covers, etc.), must be returned with the saddle or the full retail price of additional items will be deducted from any applicable refund owed Buyer. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to protect saddle with proper packaging to ensure shipping will not cause damage to saddle. The saddle must be cleaned.

  7. Refunds will be provided to the Buyer’s credit card, less shipping expenses and required charge-backs for damaged or missing items. Please allow five (5) business days for the credit to be processed; the credit may take a few additional days to appear on Buyer’s statement.

  8. The Buyer is responsible for safe keeping of the saddle until it is returned to Täkt Saddlery, or to our Sales Representative. If trial saddle is lost or stolen, the Buyer is responsible for the full purchase price. If saddle is damaged or blemished, Buyer will be responsible for repair or depreciation costs, whichever is less. Examples of damage include but are not limited to: blemishes, scratches, stains, dings, dents, excessive wear on any part of the saddle, torn leather or a broken tree. Any saddle returned with damage so extreme as to make it unsaleable, will become the property of the Buyer at the full purchase price. The trial saddle should be stored safely in a climate-controlled environment, free from animals that may create gnawing or clawing damage. Please ride only in breeches. Use only clean saddle pads to keep saddle free of sweat marks. Do not apply cleaning products of any kind, just warm water with a non-abrasive cloth. Keep saddle out of inclement weather. Only store on padded saddle racks. 

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Our Saddles

All Täkt Saddlery made-to-measure saddles are completely and meticulously handcrafted in Walsall, England by the worlds most experienced saddlers.

The name Täkt may be new; however, our saddle making partners, officers, and investors have decades in the industry. We completed a lengthy, detailed, and painstaking process to select a saddle maker. Without question, the best saddles in the world are designed and hand-crafted in Walsall, England. In this saddle-making hub, saddlers are world renowned for the quality of their handcrafted saddles.


Täkt Saddlery only collaborates with the exceptional craftsmen and craftswomen of Walsall, England to design, develop, and trademark our exclusive line of dressage, hunt, and jump saddles. 

For those who choose to purchase from stock, you will be pleased to know that these saddles will be carefully fit to your horse. Additionally, our stock saddles are handcrafted using the same high-end materials and methods as our made-to-measure saddles.

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Profile and Mission

At Täkt, we understand that investing in a new saddle can be daunting and confusing and it is our goal for each customer to have complete confidence in our products and services. We offer a warranty program and pre/post sell services that have revolutionized the industry. 

View All Täkt Purchase Policies Here.


We use only laminated beechwood trees, 100% pure wool flocking, and the finest luxury leathers to create your saddle. For those who prefer, we also provide the option for the highest quality foam panels. 

In addition to being able to customize flap length; blocks; block styles; bars and billets; we offer an almost endless combination of bespoke options including exotic leathers, Swarovski crystal embellishments, and patent detailing. Your saddle will be a perfect fit for you and your horse and can be a true reflection of your personal style.

Täkt's Officers are Trainers, Coaches, Judges, and Business Professionals and we are excited to offer the opportunity to experience our saddles. We are confident you will love our saddles as much as we do.


A Täkt Saddlery Saddle Consultant will be happy to explain all the available options and pricing, and arrange a test ride for you.

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About Täkt

The founders of Täkt (pronounced t-ah-kt) recognized the need for a customer focused approach to the saddle buying experience.  From the beginning, our corporate mission was simple; support our customers before, during and after each sale, deliver the highest quality products and services, and appreciate the investment our clients make in our products. We know our customers are passionate about riding, and we share that passion.


Täkt Saddlery, Incorporated was formed by riders, for riders.

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